About Us

Jumping into the world of natural medicine might seem initially overwhelming, but take heart. Our website Cureline will introduce you to the basics of using natural remedies, help you identify healing herbs, natural medicinal supplements and indicate their potent properties, and give you specific treatments for various conditions and injuries.

Long before the development of antibiotics, disinfectants, or antidepressants, nature offered its own medicine in the form of plants. From steeping them in teas to mixing them into poultices, plants have been used for healing by our ancestors, parents, healers, midwives—and eventually doctors—for centuries. The natural remedies our ancestors found in their own surroundings have treated everything from pain to infection.

Science continues our ancestors’ exploration of the effectiveness of plants to treat illness and disease, bringing us miracle drugs like aspirin (derived from willow bark), digoxin and digitalis (found in foxglove), codeine (from poppies), and the anti-tumour drug Taxol (from the Pacific yew), just to name a few.

Not only are natural supplements effective, but they are also inexpensive, readily available, and easy to prepare and use our guide will introduce you to the basic principles you need to manage your own, and your family’s, everyday ailments.

Our website will highlights what “alternative” truly means—a viable and cost-effective alternative to the pills dispensed by your pharmacy. As your guide to understanding the basics of supplements, this website will provide detailed information about medicinal plants and a brief history of how supplements made by natural ingredient have helped humanity survive not only the cuts, bumps, and bruises of daily living but also devastating diseases.

Specific information about the benefits and limitations of various treatments will help you take a balanced approach to decide when to use supplements and which treatments are suitable. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make educated decisions about purchasing, compounding, and using natural supplements to treat a wide variety of common illnesses naturally.

If you are looking to reduce the number of trips you make annually to your family doctor, lower your pharmaceutical bills, and take your health into your own hands, this website can help. We will guide you in choosing a more natural path—one used by our ancestors for many millennia—to feeling better and improving your overall sense of wellness. Contact us for any advice and suggestion.