Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle in the UK 2022

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Best Insulated Water Bottle Stainless Steel UK

Stainless Steel Insulated water bottles are super trendy right now in the UK and we love them. We hope that this trend doesn’t go away because it’s a great replacement for single-use plastic bottles.

They are a really great way to help save the environment. There are a handful of options available to buyers and prices totally vary. We’ve seen thermal water bottles on Amazon average priced anywhere from £10 to £30. The trend of these reusable water bottles has become so trendy that you can buy one pretty much anywhere online.

The goal of an insulated bottle is to keep any liquid or water cold or warm.

To help you find the perfect one to stay hydrated, we have put together a list of the best 7 insulated water bottles on the market. Not sure whether a thermal bottle is right for you? Not to worry, we have you covered with a handy buying guide as well!

What we looked for in a perfect  Thermal Bottle

  • Good Value for money
  • Temperature Control
  • Durability
  • Look and Feel
  • Ease of Use
  • Design and functionality
  • Durable Lid
  • Leakproof
  • BPA Free plastic
  • Eco-friendly

Our List of Best Reusable Water Bottles That’ll Keep Your Drinks Cold or Hot

Top Picks: Best Value for Money

Sophie & Jasmine London Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


best insulated stainless steel water bottle uk

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After considering all the features, quality and price, we found that this British brand Sophie & Jasmine London is the absolute best-insulated water bottle with a 500ml capacity for keeping drinks COLD and HOT for a long time.


This amazing eco-friendly stainless steel bottle is double-walled helps to keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or piping hot for up to 12 hours.


It features impressive thermal-retention abilities and has a thoroughly leak-proof screw cap lid. It comes in 3 colours Pink, Grey and White. You got the option to choose with a handle or without the handle.


You also won’t end up with soggy items in your word bag from condensation thanks to the fully insulated inner chamber.


Toss it around in your car, throw it in your backpack, this small stylish bottle can take all the punishment you throw at it. It’s made from durable steel with a powder coating colour which is scratch-resistant paint and anti-slip that’s made to last and still looks good even after months or years of use and abuse.


This classic looking eco-friendly thermal bottle will keep your cold drinks icy down to the last drop and in winter you can keep your coffee hot during the entire commute from your home to the office. It has a nice wide opening that is easy to fill and keep clean. Whether you use it as a water container or as a travel mug, you’ll never be disappointed with the temperature of your favourite beverages.

Ideal for gym, school, work, sports and fitness club.


Key Features:

  • COLD for over 24 hr and HOT for over 12 hr
  • Made with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel
  • BPA free double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Stunning powder coating colours
  • Leakproof cap
  • Lightweight, Comfortable to carry and no condensation
  • Suitable for water, coffee, tea, beer, juice
  • Easy to drink big wide mouth
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IRON °FLASK Water Bottle Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

iron flaskCheck Price

Iron Flask are the maker of these great looking sports water bottles that offer incredible insulation for your favourite drinks. Keep your cold drinks icy cold for up to 24 hours and your hot beverages steaming for up to 12 hours.


This bottle comes with 3 different lids. The first is a carabiner straw lid with two straws. The second is a flip lid and the third is a steel lid. The flask is made from 18/8 stainless steel which is durable and easy to keep clean.


Best of all, stainless steel bottle is known to be free of BPA and other toxins so your favourite beverage will never take on that fake plastic taste that is harmful and ruins your drinks.


The outside of this bottle is powder-coated so it won’t slip from your hands, even if you get hot and sweaty. Best of all, this makes the bottle look even cooler than the beverage it’s holding. The bottle is available in a stunning range of colours and different sizes so even the biggest thirst can be quenched.


The thermos style of the bottle will ensure your drinks are always at the temperature you want them to be thanks to double-walled insulation. Work or play, this is a bottle that you really can take with you anywhere and during any season. Bit expensive but worth the value. It is a very popular water bottle in the US market.


Key Features:

  • Made of premium 18/8 stainless steel that is 100% BPA free plastic
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Comes with THREE different lids
  • Thermos style keeps drinks icy cold or piping hot
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting and durable
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Simple Modern Water Bottles Hydro Insulated Thermal Flask

simple and modern water bottleCheck Price

Water may be the simplest of all elements but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your daily dose with you in a boring and not so healthy plastic bottle. These bottles from Simply Modern are as much a necessity as they are an accessory.


They feature premium copper coated insulation which reduces the transfer of temperature so your beverage stays at the right temperature for much longer. It is also double-walled and vacuum insulated, to keep your favourite beverage cold for hours and hours.


This thermal bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel which is 100% safe and made to last. It also comes with a leak-proof straw that attaches to a neat nozzle that will not drip once you close it. You also won’t need to worry about condensation so you can keep it in your bag, glove compartment or on your desk without the unsightly puddling you often see with other bottles.


Key Features:

  • Keeps your favorite drink cold for hours
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • Made from premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel
  • Coated with a durable finish
  • Leakproof straw lid
  • Premium copper coated insulation
  • BPA free & eco friendly
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Chilly’s Series 2 Bottle Double Walled Vacuum Insulated

Chilly water bottle series 2Check Price

Chilly Bottles are insulated established in the UK in 2010. The aim was to allow you to have cold water on the go rather than having to purchase single use plastic water bottles.


These metal bottles use thermal technology to make the drink stay cooler for longer, 24 hours to be exact, depending on the temperature of the drink when you pour it. The bottles can also keep sparkling drinks fizzier for longer.


This bottle come in a box but has four separate parts: the bottle, the antimicrobial collar, the narrow cap, and the carry handle. To assemble, snap the carry handle into the designated cap spots, screw the antimicrobial collar onto the bottle, and top it off with the cap. The added soft rubber base is silent on a variety of surfaces.


The bottle itself is stainless steel with a matte exterior, while the collar is plastic infused with an antimicrobial additive called BioCote®. The handle is a similar soft plastic to the collar but is not antimicrobial.


Like any water bottle you get, there’s a handful of things they request you avoid doing, such as putting it in the microwave or freezer. Chilly’s instructions also say to avoid leaving in “any organic products such as milk or orange juice that can spoil in the bottle overnight and grow bacteria,†which is a pretty specific call-out that may not apply to everyone.


Key Features:

  • Keeps your favourite drink cold for hours
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • Made from premium gauge 18/8 stainless steel
  • Dozens of colour and pattern options
  • Antimicrobial drinking collar is soft to the touch, and perfectly shaped for sipping
  • Rubber bottom mutes sound when setting the bottle down
  • Leakproof straw lid
  • Comes apart in pieces for easy cleaning
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Camelbak Chute Mag Sst Vacuum Bottles

camelbak insulated bottleCheck Price

Never let yourself get dehydrated and keep a fresh, clean and cool supply of water with you no matter where you go with this CamelBak Chute Mag Water Bottle. This bottle features vacuum insulation that will keep your drinks super cold for up to 24 hours and hot ones for up to 6 hours.


The ergonomically angled spout gives you great flow so you can take large gulps without spilling or leaking. The tether attaches the cap to the bottle securely for easy filling, refilling and cleaning. Turn your cap half a turn and you’re ready to quench your thirst.


For camping, hiking or sports, this is the bottle you want to have with you. It’s made from tough, yet beautiful metal that will last you for years and the outer lining is free of condensation and comes in a variety of different colours and designs.


No more leaking, just fantastically cool drinks that are easy to transport in this stunning bottle.


Key Features:

  • Universal cap fits all Chute Mag, Eddy+, and Hot Cap bottles
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • Keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours
  • Angled spout for an ergonomic drinking experience
  • Easy to fill, refill and clean, cap and vessel dishwasher safe
  • No spilling or leaking design
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Hydro Flask Water Bottle Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated

hydro flaskCheck Price

The Hydro Flask products seem to work wonders. It seems virtually impossible to pack a few ice cubes in a water bottle, hike for eight hours in the Tennessee heat, and still enjoy cold water at the end. But with the Hydro Flask, that’s what you’ll find. Even better, you’ll still discover some ice cubes floating around in there.


People want their drinks cold, or warm, for a lengthy amount of time. No more plastic taste, no more lukewarm that you’re so desperate you’ll drink anyway. No more cool coffee (yuck) on your snowy hike. If you’re headed out for errands, keep a Hydro Flask in the car (even in the hot summer) and you’ll return to some cold water. Or, bundle up for your winter backpacking trip, and enjoy some warm tea when you arrive at your camping spot that evening.


The double-wall vacuum-insulation design ensures that the liquid you put in stays at the same temperature for a long time, whether it’s ice-cold or piping hot. This technology is called TempShield and is unique to the Hydro Flask  Bottle. We also like the fact that the bottle is available in many colours, so you can find one to match your outfit.

Key Features:

  • Slip-free powder coating
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • TempShield technology
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to fill, refill and clean
  • No spilling or leaking design
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Super Sparrow Water Bottle Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

Super Sparrow Water Bottle Double Wall Vacuum Insulated


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The high-quality water bottles come in a range of sizes and colours, with an anti-slip powder-coating on the shell, meaning condensation is not able to form on the outside of the bottle.


The manufacturer promises the perfect thermo-bottle, which is extremely durable and the double-wall vacuum insulation is to keep drinks 24 hours cold and 12 hours warm. It is free of toxins, plasticizers, hormones, etc. and should not affect the taste of the beverage. It is also available in two different sizes.


In a word – great! The Super Sparrow comes in a simple cardboard box containing all the ingredients. The manufacturer dispenses with unnecessary plastic bags and residues to be disposed of. All that remains after unpacking is the cardboard box, which can easily be disposed of in old paper. Great!

Key Features:

  • Slip-free powder coating
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • 2 interchangeable caps
  • BPA free materials
  • Included bamboo cap, straw lid, 2 straws, straw brush, carrying Bag
  • Available in many colours
  • Easy to fill, refill and clean
  • No spilling or leaking design
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Stanley Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Stanley Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

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In 1913, William Stanley invented the all-steel vacuum bottle. Stanley bottles are the best on the market and are covered by a Lifetime warranty.


The Stanley insulated water bottle is made from stainless steel and features double-wall vacuum Insulation. It is designed to keep drinks hot for up to 5 hrs and cold for up to 7 hrs. Like all vacuum flasks and bottles of this type when used for hot drinks you should temper the flask 1st by adding hot water for around 10min before then refilling with your chosen hot drink.


The Lid is a screw-on see-through plastic lid. This does mean it is not insulated so these bottles should be considered more as commuter bottles for keeping your drink hot as you travel to work or just keeping your drink hot for longer. They are not really the type of bottle to pack in your rucksack for a day’s walking.


Overall like all Stanley products a well made insulated bottle.

Key Features:

  • Built for life
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Double-walled and vacuum insulated
  • Cold for up to 7 hours, hot drinks hot for up to 5 hours
  • BPA free materials
  • Available in many colours
  • Tritan see-through lid that gives an added layer of protection against leaks
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
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Klean Kanteen Classic Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Water Bottle with Loop Cap

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Klean Kanteen is one of the leading water bottle brands when it comes to drinkware. It has a wide array of recognized products in the UK, including some of the best water bottles with double-wall vacuum insulation for cold and hot drinks.


The Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic 20 oz. is a great example of one that has a pleasing exterior with robust features. With Klean Kanteen’s reliable Climate Lock technology, it is one of today’s best-selling water bottles.


It comes with the recognizable loop cap as a standard and is interchangeable with other Klean Kanteen bottles.


The combination of its scuff-resistant, stainless steel body and its sturdy cap offers leakproof drinkware designed so that you can bring it everywhere. With this brand, there’s also prestige at the yoga studio and on the street.


Built for any lifestyle, this classic iteration must be one of Klean’s most successful. It is suitable for your workouts and outdoor activities, thanks to the sports cap. It can also be your everyday companion at work.



Key Features:

  • Durable food-grade construction
  • Hot drinks remain hot all-day
  • Grippy, long-lasting powder coat finish
  • The sleek profile fits in most cup holders and pockets
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Available in many colours
  • Hand washing recommended
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YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

YETI Rambler 26 oz Bottle Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel water bottle with Chug Cap

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YETI is a popular brand when it comes to water bottles. It offers a wide range of products that are all free from bisphenol A (BPA), a harmful chemical used to make several consumer goods.


One of the best features of this bottle is that it goes straight into the dishwasher. No-fuss, no muss. So, they are quite easy to clean.


Our favourite water bottle from YETI is the Rambler. Its capacity is a 737ml bottle with a chug cap. It has all the features of a typical high-end water bottle, such as double-wall vacuum insulation. It also has a sweat-free and long-lasting finish, and puncture-resistant 18/8 stainless steel construction.


Not your typical drinkware, it comes with the Rambler Bottle Chug Cap. This cap allows you to control every gulp and prevents spills while you are drinking.


If you’re going to buy YETI Rambler, there are a few features that make it worth the extra bit of money.



Key Features:

  • Durable food-grade construction
  • Easy-to-handle external surface always stays dry
  • Heavy-duty and food-grade stainless steel construction
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Easy to chug and carry
  • Dishwasher safe
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How To Take Care of Your Bottle

A decent thermal bottle does not come cheap, but if treated well, will be a sound investment that will see you through years of travelling and endless gallons of delicious life-giving water! In order to take care of your investment, you need to take proper care of your bottle.

To avoid needlessly exposing your bottle to knocks, keep it in a secure bottle pouch or compartment on your backpack. Make sure the bottle is snuggly and firmly nestled in the said pouch so that it won’t fake out.

Water bottles do accrue mould, mildew and limescale. This is unhygienic, and over time it will erode the water bottle wearing down the vital parts. Here are our top water bottle care tips!

Firstly, make sure you regularly empty the bottle. Don’t leave half-filled bottles with stagnant water lying around. Once you get back from your hike, empty the remnants of the bottle as soon as you get in. Then, give it a little rinse out and leave it turned upside down to drip dry.

The above is the bare minimum you need to do. However, every now and then you need to give your bottle a more thorough cleaning out to avoid mouldy-scaley-Grimey-minger buildups. Some bottles are dishwasher safe although personally, I would NEVER put one in.

Ways To Deep Clean a Water Bottle

  • Liquid Dish Soap

For most uses warm, soapy water will suffice. Simply fill the emptied bottle with hot water and add a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Then pop the cap on the bottle and shake it good and proper.

Then empty it out and use a bottle scrub brush to reach the bottom of the bottle. And don’t forget to wash the exterior and bottom of the bottle as well.

Once you’re done scrubbing, rinse your bottle in warm water until you don’t see any soap bubbles and let it dry thoroughly. Scrub the lid inside and out as well, paying extra attention to the spout opening or mouthpiece. Rinse and dry!

  • White Vinegar

Vinegar is a traditional favourite home remedy cleaning agent. To clean your bottle, hill it halfway with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar with the lid on and shake it and then let it sit overnight.

The next day, be sure to rinse out the bottle and the lid thoroughly with warm water to remove any leftover vinegar and let it drip dry upside down. This is great for those deep cleans.

Thermal Water Bottle Buying Guide & FAQ

Q: What Is An Insulated Bottle?

A: This bottle is very different to your everyday water bottle. These bottles are uniquely designed to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle. Many insulated bottles are designed to keep both cold drinks cool and hot drinks warm for prolonged periods of time, although some bottles focus solely on one of the two.

What often sets an insulated bottle apart in terms of design and construction, is the material that the bottles are made from, and the way they are constructed. The majority of bottles are made from stainless steel and feature a dual or triple layer design with a vacuum seal that is better suited to managing and maintaining the temperature of the liquid.

Q: How Long Will An Insulated Bottle Work For?

A: The length of time that a bottle will stay effective for all depends on the brand of the bottle that you choose and the liquid that you put inside the bottle. Some manufacturers claim that their bottles will keep liquids cool for a space of 24 hours, while other brands state that theirs will keep liquids cool for 48 hours.

For bottles that keep liquids both cool and warm, there is normally always a big difference between the length of time for each. Generally, you can expect cold liquids to stay cool for at least twice the duration of hot liquids, which rarely extends to more than 12 hours.

Adding ice to cold drinks, or freezing water in the bottle, and making sure that hot liquids are as hot as the bottle allows, can help to prolong the length of time that a bottle will stay effective.

Q: Why you should choose a reusable metal water bottle

A: Obviously, we encourage you to welcome a reusable water bottle into your life. It’s an easy action you can take to immediately improve your health and help the planet.

Here are some key reasons why you should invest in a reusable bottle today:

Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold: Most bottles feature double-wall thermos-like engineering that improves their ability to maintain the temperature of their contents.

Portable: Because these bottles prevent heat transfer, you won’t see any condensation form on the outside of your bottle. If you place your bottle in a tote bag, it won’t leave any traces of moisture.

The sweat-free design of bottles also ensures that your hands will not get burnt or chilled when you hold your bottle. This means you don’t have to bring a towel to wrap around your bottle just to protect your hands.  

Finally, metal bottles are not as heavy as glass bottles, so they can be carried throughout the day with ease.  

Reduce plastic waste: Purchasing a reusable water bottle is a necessary first step to addressing the problem of plastic waste. We generate around 5 million tonnes of plastic each year in the UK. That includes 15 million ‘single use’ plastic bottles per day. In total, that became waste.

And if you think recycling is helping combat this level of waste, think again. In total, only 9% of the world’s plastic has ever been recycled. That means roughly 91% of those bottles will become trash. This astronomical level of waste is entirely unnecessary and it does a lot more harm than good.

You’ll Influence others to live more sustainably: We’re social creatures. If you start carrying an attractive refillable bottle, you’ll definitely make your friends want to start carrying one, too.

What’s that smell? : Plastic made bottles may acquire a strange scent over time because food scents attach to their chemical bonds. So the metal bottle is the only solution. 

Durable: Unlike plastic and glass, steel bottles won’t break when you drop them. They can definitely get dents, but they won’t lose their main function of holding liquid.

Affordable: Considering their long lifespan, stainless steel bottles are a great value. You might use one over the course of ten years, while other people are buying bottled water, which gets more and more expensive each day. 


Final thoughts

There are hundreds of thermal vacuum-sealed, double-walled bottles to choose from. I’ve put together a list of 7 of the best reusable water bottle, most unique stainless steel bottles depending on your needs as a consumer.

We truly believe that reusable bottles are an important solution for reducing single-use plastic and embracing sustainable travel. There are tons of bottles out there, but in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of the bottles on this list!