Top Factors Affecting Metabolism Rate in Human

Did you know that without metabolism, you couldn’t possibly exist? This would mean your body doesn’t have the ability to burn energy and generate heat in order to keep you agile and functional. Sounds pretty important to me, how about you?

Common sense suggests that understanding and utilizing this natural and mechanical ability of the body is a useful tool to maximize fat burn. get you slimmer, and make the effect lasts for a longer period.

Before exploring this exciting discovery of encouraging the body to work harder for you in order to burn more energy faster, I want to make it clear that this in an introductory or investigative article about the factors affecting your metabolism. This is by no means the one and only diet concept on this planet that’s going to work for you now and forevermore. The right perspective and zeroing in on success by engaging your mind, body and soul are critically important here.

There is no one diet that works for everybody. More than likely, there isn’t one single diet plan that always works for any one person —not without making continual changes in the base game plan. Nor is this diet concept PERFECT! An introductory book is just that. INTRODUCING you to this concept of eating, hoping that it will help you create your life plan for healthy eating and weight control!

You owe it to your good health and wellness to open your conditioned mind to garner strategies, concepts, tips and tricks from a variety of weight loss diet plans and create a unified original strategy for you, To be effective you will have to make changes in it regularly and tune in to what your body is telling you, make sure you override a lot of what your head is saying. Let’s face it. We are creatures of habit and I’ll respectfully ask you how your eating habits have been doing so far?

Not doing well; obviously. So it’s time for a positive change, one that you can grow to enjoy and stick with for long, ultimately turning these newfound positive eating habits into a lifelong exercise. This will help you maintain your weight comfortably at the set point of your choosing, enabling you to make minor adjustments easily and swiftly as time marches on and the natural life cycle plays out. You are unique. So are your body and mind. And so should be your way of eating! Take with it what works, in consideration of your personal tolerance and preferences, and you are one step closer to reaching your destination.

Factors Affecting Metabolism

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So What is Metabolism?

It’s a term derived from Greek, which basically means “to transform or change.” The processes that occur within your internal systems could be defined as a set of chemical and physical changes within the body, which produce energy to support life and create new materials. The workings could also be measured in terms of how the body converts various foods into energy and at what pace it uses this energy. That’s if you have your science cap on.

The process of metabolism is triggered when the absorption of vital life nutrients commences. It seems simple enough.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR measures the amount of energy or calories required just to maintain your body weight at rest. The BMR is responsible for approximately 75 % of the energy you burn each day.

Metabolism Units are made from nutrients and include:

  • Amino Acids – from proteins such as lean beef
  • Fatty Acids – from fats i.e. butter
  • Glucose – from carbohydrates mainly derived from whole grains

Metabolism Purpose

If you didn’t have metabolism, you wouldn’t be able to burn food for energy in order to function physically. You literally and figuratively wouldn’t have the energy to roll over; hit the snooze button and head back to dreamland.

Metabolic Phases

  • Catabolism – a process that decomposes the tissues to generate the energy your body requires to function properly.
  • Anabolism – creates reserves, new cells and maintains your body cells constructively. The result is the generation of skin tissues, nerves and muscles

Hormones like thyroxin help regulate metabolic activity, whether catabolic or anabolic. Just after you have munched down a health grill chicken salad with lime zest, anabolic activity is in full swing. On the flip side, when you’re sweating buckets at the gym, it’s the catabolic activity that hogs the limelight.

Next, we’ll take a quick peek into the dominant metabolic processes, which are:

  • Digestion – this is where “food” is the material that enables energy to create new tissues and store it as fat for later use.
  • Circulation of Blood – where the compounds are carried through the blood to the major organs antsy to use them.
  • Body Heat Regulation – metabolic energy creates heat that helps regulate internal body temperature.
  • Ridding the Body of Waste (sweating, breathing, elimination) these catabolic metabolic processes break down harmful toxins, creating waste that the body gets rid of through the lungs, bowels, skin and kidneys.

By understanding the process and purpose of metabolism, your mind is better equipped to comprehend how and why the Fast Metabolism Diet concept is valuable in getting a handle on your weight.

what is Metabolism


My Thoughts

Your metabolism is extremely important for your overall good health. It provides the energy with your body relies on to run, jump, dance and sing. Internally this energy gets allotted for the purposes of breathing, cell repair and other bodily functions. You need energy for every single thing you do and without metabolism, your time is up! Poor metabolism can lead to serious health issues like diabetes where your body is unable to break down or metabolize sugar. This is the beginning of the ultimate breakdown of your body. By eating healthy, doing exercise and staying strong you’re going to ensure optimal metabolic function. Let’s look a little deeper into possible scenarios that can help your metabolism work better for you.


Top 10 Factors Affecting Metabolism Rate

If your metabolism were solid, secure and unbreakable, you’d be in trouble here. You’d be stuck exactly where you are without being able to gain, drop or change your body composition at all. Luckily for all of us, there are numerous variable factors affecting the rate at which your body burns calories.


If you gain weight you’re naturally burning more calories because you’re increasing in size. If you gain muscle instead of the fat you’re ahead of the game because on a level-playing field muscle utilizes more energy than fat does. Making muscle-building a brilliant move when you’re looking to whip yourself into fantastic shape!


It makes perfect sense that a larger body is going to have more cells that need fuelling in comparison to a smaller body. If your body is larger in size your metabolism is usually higher than that of someone with a smaller figure


This is one of those uncontrollable factors beneficial to gents only. Guys normally have more lean body mass than women do. Scientists mostly link this mainly to the hormone testosterone which of course is more abundant in males, at least I hope so!


Your weight-to-fat ratio determines your body composition. If you are flabby like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, then you are essentially loaded with fat. Fit and lean people with lots of lean muscle are going to have a body composition that naturally has a higher metabolic rate than that of their out-of-shape twin, given similar circumstance.


Another uncontrollable factor here is your heritage or genetic makeup. Genes will influence your metabolic efficiency. Explaining why people with pretty much the same weight and height and body composition will burn energy at different rates.

6. AGE

This is where the tick-tock of your life clock becomes a pain in the rear. After the age of 30, it’s natural and expected of your lean body mass to reduce gradually yielding place to fatty tissues. The result is a slower metabolism. Experts mostly blame it on hormonal fluctuations. By following a stronger exercise regimen and working hard to boost your lean muscle mass you can counteract or rather battle this inevitable life change. It’s your choice. Put in the time and effort and you can have an absolutely lean and beautiful body until death do you part.


This one gets a little bit complicated. When you are stressed and anxious your system is on high alert and burns more fat and calories. Energy stores are broken down for these processes. However, many people that have issues with their head go way overboard on junk eating. So the minute increase in the metabolic rate means diddly-squat against all the fat invading the tissues.


Most of your internal processes are regulated and controlled by hormones dictating the pace. By exercising regularly and increasing the rate at which key hormones are produced you are going to naturally increase your metabolic rate.


What’s your body’s physiological response to being chilled to the bone? You shiver, right? Well, shivering is the way your internal system tries to boost your body temperature by breaking down fatty tissues. This is very much like increasing your natural body temperature by exercising. Shivering does the same thing because when your internal systems are working harder, more fat and calories are required and utilized.


When, how much and what foods you choose to eat all affect your metabolism. Those of us who tend to overeat stress out our system. This plays havoc with hormones and forces your body to become completely inefficient in maximizing the consumption of fat and calories for energy. There’s nothing to argue here. It’s why you see so many fat people pigging out like it was their last supper.

Keep in mind these key factors that can directly change the rate at which your body naturally burns calories.

My Thoughts

You can’t make informed decisions in life without knowing all the facts, right? Understanding the factors that affect your energy consumption rate is only going to help you make the best metabolic decisions for yourself. It’s best to have a look at the controllable here and just accept and live with the uncontrollable. Unless you want to drive yourself nuts!

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